Actor Devan Leos is reportedly taking a plea deal in his attempted murder case.

In April, the 21-year-old pleaded no contest to one count of attempted murder, TMZ reported. The Mighty Med actor was sentenced to five years of probation, 120 hours of volunteer work at a homeless shelter and 30 days volunteering with the California Department of Transportation. His one count of assault with a deadly weapon has reportedly been dropped.

The case comes from an incident in December of 2018 where the star was with a friend at 7-Eleven in Los Angeles where they began arguing with a transient. Once the pair got back into their car, the transient reportedly kicked the car as they were driving away.

"That's when Devan allegedly drove toward the transient and accelerated several times before hopping the curb and knocking down the transient," a law enforcement source told TMZ.

Aside from Disney Chanel's Mighty Med, the actor has played roles in Criminal Minds, iCarly, Austin & Ally, Jessie and The Middle.

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