Former Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor Damon Tyner is genuinely happy for William Reynolds, who will succeed him upon the formal advice and consent from the New Jersey Senate.

However, Tyner has absolutely had it with The Press of Atlantic City, who he accuses of unprofessional reporting.

We have obtained a copy of a letter that Tyner wrote yesterday (Tuesday, May 17), to press staff writer Michelle Post with carbon copies to The Press of Atlantic City Executive Editor W.F. “Buzz” Keough and his (Tyner’s) attorney, the noted William M. Tambussi.

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There is an old adage that you don’t openly criticize people who buy their ink by the barrel. Tyner is breaking this informal rule because he has “finally had enough,” Tyner told us.

“I labored over the decision of whether or not to write this note for many reasons, and perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to give you some things to consider,” Tyner wrote to The Press of Atlantic City.
“Since my resignation ten months ago, my family and I have enjoyed my transition back into private life.  However, there have been no less than ten articles written about my tenure and each regurgitates the same salacious allegations,” said Tyner.
“In many of the stories, most authored by you (Post), the allegations have little to do with the story.  For example, in today’s story, you littered what should have been a perfectly good story for Bill Reynolds and his family with the unnecessary mentioning of my tenure, wrote Tyner.

Tyner describes how The Press of Atlantic City makes “a woeful attempt to temper the coverage by mentioning my success with the Kaufman case, history will show that my tenure was probably the most successful and productive of any Prosecutor since Jeff Blitz,” said Tyner.

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“Beyond Kauffman, we saved countless lives by requiring all police officers to carry Narcan; we caught and prosecuted the killers of a young kid attending a high school football game; we dismantled major drug trafficking organizations; we investigated and prosecuted other “cold cases” such as Demond Talley, Joyce Vanderhoff, Antoine Huffin, and Salem Tolbert; we gave countless families closure by investigating overdose deaths as homicides and prosecuting those drug dealers,” said Tyner.
Damon Tyner photo.
Damon Tyner photo.

Tyner is proud of his record of accomplishment and that of his team saying, “Additionally, we communicated with the community through our web page and social media on a level previously never seen before in our county.  And please don’t forget, I supervised and led a law enforcement community during the “George Floyd” turmoil and the pandemic without incident.  These are still only a few of the accomplishments,” wrote Tyner.

Tyner takes ownership of his own personal mistakes during his tenure as Atlantic County Prosecutor writing,

“But this is not about me, believe me.  I write to you on behalf of my family, particularly my wife and my children.”
“For whatever mistakes I have made in my personal life, I own those and will forever seek to repair the relationships that I have harmed,” said Tyner.
“They do not deserve to see this narrative over and over again months after it was first reported, particularly when it has no bearing on the matter at hand,” said Tyner.
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Tyner concludes his letter to The Press of Atlantic City by saying …
“I love Atlantic County and people I have never met come up to me all the time and tell me how much I helped them or their family, as both a Judge and as Prosecutor.  If you’re going to tell the story, please be sure to tell the full story.  I am proud of my tenure.”
“I have returned to private life of which I will continue to serve this community. In the words of John Lennon, “Let It Be. ”Please let me and my family be,” asks Tyner.
Tyner told us, “ If anyone ever asked what they can do for me, tell them to stand up and tell the truth.”
We have also learned that in the near future, Tyner will be announcing the opening of his own, new law firm … The Law Offices of Damon G. Tyner.
Tyner intends to specialize in:
Land Use - Planning & Zoning - Municipal Law and Mediation.

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