A Cumberland County man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for a fatal shooting in 2019.

Earlier this year following a four-week-long trial, a jury found 29-year-old Frank J. Baker of Seabrook, Upper Deerfield Township, guilty of first-degree murder and related charges for the death of Jair Rennie.

The Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office says on July 20th, 2019, Rennie was shot four times in the backyard of a home on Longview Drive in Fairfield Township. Hours later, the victim succumbed to his injuries at Inspira Medical Center in Vineland.

After the shooting, Baker disposed of the murder weapon and traveled to his father’s home in Lawrence Township where he washed himself in bleach while others disposed of physical evidence.

Prior to sentencing, a judge denied a motion by Baker's attorney for a new trial.

Baker was sentenced to an aggregate prison term of 40 years; he must serve 33 1/3 years before becoming eligible for parole. Once released, he will be under parole supervision for seven years. He was also ordered to pay $7,740 in restitution for Rennie's funeral expenses.

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