This retired Atlantic City, New Jersey Police Officer has led a very colorful life.

He is the son of a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania political legend.

He is also the author of “Stung” the book. It’s a real life, Atlantic City story, whereby the names are changed to protect the “guilty.”

In Tayoun’s own words, this is how he describes what his book “Stung” is all about:

This story is based on true life events that took place in the City of Atlantic City. It looks into the dark side of the illegal money trade, looks into aspects of the police department, federal agencies, municipal corruption and politics. Given that the varied aspects of the story came from true incidents the story was crafted into a fiction to protect the individuals involved.

David Tayoun’s next life chapter will be to open a cannabis dispensary in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Yes, a retired policeman, who helped to take marijuana off of the streets of Atlantic City … will now soon be selling it legally in Atlantic City.

Just like with his book “Stung,” truth with Tayoun is always much more interesting than fiction.

Tayoun was raised in Philadelphia in a powerful political family.

He expressly moved to Atlantic City in order to pursue a career as an Atlantic City Police Officer.

Tayoun previously served as a Public Administrator in the City of Atlantic City and he also ran for Mayor of Atlantic City.

Here is where Tayoun’s Atlantic City cannabis dispensary will be located … at the old Pizza Di Roma.

David Tayoun photo.
David Tayoun photo.

The storefront sign reads:

”Salt Air Botanicals” … “Riding the High Seas.”

Tayoun also currently manages a development group, TBC Enterprises LLC and he runs Tayoun's War House LLC, a company that sells products and services to Federal, State, and local Governments.

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