We have learned that the Atlantic City Board of Education is pursuing unspecified ethics charges against 20-year Board of Education Member John Devlin.

It appears to have all of the markings of a blatant retaliation scheme against Devlin.

Devlin is already suing the City of Atlantic City and numerous elected and appointed officials from the city and Municipal Utilities Authority.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small led an effort to have Devlin removed from his seat on the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority, where Devlin was the Board President.

Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt went on the public record on our Townsquare Media Atlantic City airways to confirm that “we were lied to by Mayor Small … we owe John Devlin a public apology,” said Tibbitt on September 28, 2022.

Devlin was removed from his board seat by one vote in a split decision verdict.

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Devlin walked into last night’s Atlantic City Board of Education and was advised that ethics charges would be filed against him.

Devlin asked for details about the so called ethics charges and was told that he would find out later during the meeting.

Before the board of education voted regarding Devlin, he was told that “they didn’t like the way he (Devlin) was representing the board.”

7 board members voted to pursue unspecified ethics charges against Devlin. One member voted against and Devlin abstained on this vote.

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We have also learned that the Atlantic City Board of Education solicitor cited a conflict of interest regarding this Devlin matter.

The Atlantic City Board of Education appears to have contracted DeCotus, Fitpatrick, Cole & Giblin, LLP, the same law firm that represented the executive director at the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority, regarding Devlin’s ouster there.

Following the meeting, we were granted an exclusive interview with Devlin, who told us:

"So apparently the board is trying to take some kind of action against me,” said Devlin.

“Obviously this action is in retaliation for me exposing the truth about a sexual predator who sexually assaulted children in our school district. At the behest of Shay Steele (Atlantic City Board of Education President) and others, I demanded an immediate independent investigation of this matter,” said Devlin.

Devlin did not hold back in revealing why he believes that this latest act of retaliation is happening.

“It also should be known that this predator is the current Superintendent La'Quetta Small’s Nephew, who also resided in her home,” said Devlin.

”I feel as though I am being singled out for exposing the truth, uncovering a sexual assault and for the color of my skin. I am merely doing my due diligence as an elected official and I'm being retaliated against for political reasons. This is a clear Whistleblower case,” said Devlin.

Devlin is white and all 7 Atlantic City Board of Education members who voted against him are persons of color.

”If the board would put this kind of effort behind an independent investigation into the how a sexual predator roamed in our schools we would not be in the predicament we're in now,” said Devlin.

"I have served on the board for two decades and have an impeccable record,” said Devlin.

“I will continue to speak out when it comes to health and safety of everyone's children and to keep transparency between the Board of Education and all communities in Atlantic City,” concluded Devlin.

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