I have loved everything about Atlantic City for a lifetime.

Steel Pier, Million Dollar Pier, Central Pier and so many great shops all along the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I am including three photographs in this article that paint a true picture of how special yesteryear was on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

One of the photos is mine and the other two come from Kenneth McIntyre, from the wonderful “I GREW UP OR LIVED IN ATLANTIC CITY, NJ Facebook Page.

The featured photo above and directly below is classic Skee Ball.

This is no doubt so relatable to our readers of all ages, because this timeless game is still as popular at arcades today as it was during yesteryear.

Kenneth McIntyre Photo.
Kenneth McIntyre Photo.

Here’s yet another relevant New Jersey Fun Fact:

The game of Skee Ball was invented and patented by Joseph Fourestier Simpson, from Vineland, New Jersey in 1908.

This fun game for all ages has been an Atlantic City staple and elsewhere for 115 years.

This next game is very special to me.

The Cat Rack at Million Dollar Pier.

I ran this game for one shift per-day, for one summer in 1974. This was a real proving ground at such a young age (14 years old).

Below, is a photo of me on the job, during the summer of 1974.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

My twin brother Don and I bought a used camera from a second hand store in Ventnor, New Jersey. It was an early model camera that was self developing.

Don came to visit me one day and took this photo.

It is the only photo ever taken of me when I worked at Million Dollar Pier. I can’t begin to convey how happy I am to have this photo.

It depicts a young teenage boy, who had just received his working papers at the minimum age of 14 years old. What a great experience this summer was. It was hard work. But, it was also a lot of fun.

And, right nearby, many times each shift, I got to listen to the schtick of “The Ape Girl” show (see below).

Kenneth McIntyre Photo.
Kenneth McIntyre Photo.

This show always ended with screams, which sparked a combination of fun and excitement.

The amount of fun games available seemed endless:

Shoot The Star Out (BB gun game).

Water Balloon Shooting game.

Dart throwing at balloons.

Break Plates with baseballs.

Basketball shooting game.

Just to name a few.

Here’s a bonus photo to show you the opulent home of Captain John L. Young, whose spectacular home address was # 1 Atlantic Ocean.

It was magnificent, with uniformly placed statues and a perfectly manicured lawn.

Captain Young’s gorgeous home was located at the end of Million Dollar Pier, in what (in my opinion) was one of the most magnificent placements of a home in American history.


From a previous article that I wrote about Million Dollar Pier … it was was in operation from 1906-1981.

It was built by a larger-then-life man named Captain John L. Young, with his partner, Kennedy Crossan, who was a builder from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Young was an experienced showman who began hisAtlantic City career in 1891, managing Young's Ocean Pier, which later became Central Pier.

Young built a most beautiful home on The Million Dollar Pier. It was magnificent, with uniformly placed statues and a perfectly manicured lawn.

SOURCES: Biography of Captain John L. Young & Million Dollar Pier. Kenneth McIntyre.

Steel Pier

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