We've officially reached the "use this issue impacting everyone as part of our marketing campaign" phase of the gas crisis.

With Memorial Day Weekend mere hours away, towns along the eastern seaboard are preparing for a massive influx of visitors from all parts of the state, as well as people from New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and even Delaware.

Many officials have speculated that this coming Memorial Day Weekend could bring rowdy behavior to the Jersey Shore due to the pandemic curbing some of the celebrations over the last few years. Not to mention Memorial Day Weekend 2021 had some of the worst weather we've seen in a long time.

This year, a whole new set of issues face us, including the perpetually rising price of gasoline. We're trying not to let that impact our Memorial Day Weekend Plans, but for some, it likely will.

One of the most iconic parts of the East Coast has decided to include gasoline in its pitch to tourists to come to visit. The Jersey Cape unveiled its new slogan, "Less than a tank away."

NBC10 Philadelphia has more in a report below.

The average national gas price is currently $4.60 with some experts suggesting it could top $5 per gallon by the time summer hits its peak.

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