New Jerseyans are a special breed, and even with all of our state's flaws, you can't help but love this place.

If there's someone in your life who simply loves New Jersey, check out these great gift ideas!

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    Salt Water Taffy

    Originally created in Atlantic City, this sweet treat not only screams "Jersey," but can be fairly easily shipped to ex-pats who want a true taste of home.

  • 2

    A Jersey "Home" shirt

    ...or any Jersey-themed shirt, really. I love a good Jersey pride shirt, especially when I'm out of state. It's always a great conversation starter!
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    NJ Town Coasters

    I have a bunch of these, and I love them. I've seen them sold in just about every beach town from Cape May to Sandy Hook, but if you can't find them near you, you can totally customize them and order them online HERE.

    Laurie Cataldo
  • 4

    NJ Beach Sand Ornament

    You can literally give someone a little bit of New Jersey with a beach sand ornament. There are several ways to do it, but I love the ones where it's basically a glass/plastic ball ornament filled with a little beach sand and either a couple of small shells or pieces of beach glass. You could also decorate the outside with some paint or ribbon to make it extra festive and personalized. Get the how-to HERE.

    (photo by Liz Jeressi)
  • 5

    NJ Fruit Wine

    Hammonton, NJ is known as "the blueberry capital of the world," while NJ as a whole is the third largest producer of cranberries. Combine those two facts with the knowledge that our state is chockful of awesome wineries and vineyards, and you come to a naturally awesome gift. Local wines, particularly those made with local cranberries and/or blueberries. I'm a huge fan of the Cranberry wine from Tomasello Winery in Hammonton!

  • 6

    CatStudio glasses

    I'm obsessed with these glasses from CatStudio, and I actually have a bunch of them at home. They offer designs for just about every area you can think of, including the Jersey Shore, and the entire state of NJ. Love them! If you can't find them in a local store near you, order them online HERE.
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    NJ Typography Litho Print

    James McDonald is a graphic artist who creates typography maps for locations across the globe. I love that the lettering is done in a way so the town/county represented is in the correct geographical location. There are several cool ones for New Jersey, aside from the whole state, including specific counties from North to South, the northern Jersey Shore, and zoomed into LBI. They are also available in several colors!

    James McDonald/
  • 8

    NJ Homesick Candle

    This candle smells like NJ (hold your jokes, tourists), more specifically the Jersey Shore. One reviewer called the scent "a mixture of classic boardwalk smells like fried dough, ocean breeze, sand, and ice cream." Yum! Available at