In order to make South Jersey a better place, change has to start here in our own backyards.

You know what would be a good start? Giving the Pleasantville Fire Department their bell back.

Apparently, the folks over at the fire department had their beloved bell outside towards the back of the building stolen.

What hurts the most is knowing that whomever stole it will probably just sell it and make money off of what it's made out of. He or she isn't even thinking about the sentimental value of the bell.

The bell was made 114 years ago back in 1909 by the Buckeye Bell Foundation. You can still see that inscription on it with the naked eye. It was the first bell the department ever used to inform the town about fire emergencies.

It's an important piece of history for not only the fire department but the town of Pleasantville itself.

If returned, the department says there will no questions asked and no charges filed.

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