Can you imagine running into your local Wawa with a sudden hunger pang that only a Wawa bacon burger on a brioche bun with garlic aioli will satisfy? That scenario could be a reality before long.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Wawa is actively testing a "larger dinner platform" at six stores in the Delaware Valley.

The new options include burgers, breaded chicken sandwiches, and waffle fries.

A Wawa spokesperson told the PBJ...

We are testing new options specifically for dinner as we continue to connect with customers in new ways and focus on fulfilling our customers’ lives at all times of the day.

Wawa hasn't disclosed yet if any of the test Wawa's are in South Jersey.

One test location that has been identified is in Horsham, Montgomery County, PA.

Wawa, which is selling breaded chicken and burgers, with toppings that include bacon, tomato, pickles, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and garlic aioli for $5.49. The waffle fries cost $1.99.

Wawa told the Philadelphia Business Journal the trial runs are part of its efforts to find  that ways to keep up with customers’ changing needs, including through new products and store designs.

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