Less than 12 hours after Governor Mitt Romney gave his concession speech and President Barack Obama gave his victory address, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was being peppered by questions about his aspirations for higher office in 2016.

Governor Chris Christie
Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

Christie says he is disappointed by Mitt Romney's loss and surprised how quickly the presidential race was over Tuesday night but says now is not the time "to look in the rear-view mirror."

The Governor was asked if Romney's defeat clears a path for him to make a run at the White four years from now. "I'm honored to be the Governor of New Jersey," says Christie. "Any other honors that come in my life, if they come in due course they come in due course otherwise I'm not worried about it and I can guarantee you one thing; I'm not thinking about it today."

Christie says his mother would often say to him, "Do the job you have in front of you as well as you can and the future will take care of itself and it's been great advice that she's given my through the ups and downs of my professional career."

"I'm going to do the job I have now as best I can," explains the Governor. "Do first things first and my future, whatever it is will take care of itself. I'm honored to be the Governor of New jersey. That's all I'm worried about right now."

Christie was courted big-time by national Republican Party big-wigs to jump in the presidential race this year. Asked if those same GOP power-brokers come knocking again now, he says, "Listen, what I'd say to them is, 'I've got a job to do here in New Jersey.' Exactly what I said to them last year."

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