We have written extensively about the many significant firsts in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Here’s another first. Professional sand sculpturing has its roots in Atlantic City, dating back to 1897.

John Gowdy is a world-class professional sand sculptor from Atlantic City. Gowdy now travels throughout the country and world, to both display and teach his perfected craft.

Gowdy is presently spending quality time in Atlantic City, where he is creating and promoting a “Save The Whales” beach sculpture.

It is a work in progress, here is what it looked like on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 (see below).

John Gowdy photo via Facebook.
John Gowdy photo via Facebook.

Gowdy’s attention to every detail is stunning.

Yesterday, John provided the following update about his most recent Atlantic City area (Ventnor) project … on a day when yet another mammal washed ashore dead on a South Jersey beach.

We've never witnessed anything like what has been happening with such regularity this year.

“The whale sculpture is progressing. We (Laura and I) will be finished in time for the event this weekend. It's planned for Saturday at 1 pm. If there is rain, it will be the next day, Sunday at 1 pm. At Suffolk Ave in Ventnor,” wrote Gowdy on his Facebook page.

”Johnny Higbee and Blues Street will be playing their new hit "Save The Whales" on a stage on top of the whale!” said Gowdy.

Here’s another look at Gowdy’s current project in Ventnor City. It’s a Facebook photo from Patty Howarth. It’s a nice close-up photo.

Party Howarth Facebook photo.
Party Howarth Facebook photo.

Gowdy is a talented artist who specializes in sand sculpture exhibitions, demonstrations, and instruction.

About this Gowdy has written, “Sand sculpture has been in my blood since my earliest memory of my mom taking me to the Atlantic City beach and plopping me down with bucket and plastic shovel in hand. Little did I know then that this strange warm soft material sticking to my skin would become my life's ambition in later years,” wrote Gowdy.

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