Cheapest isn’t always the best route to take. However, cyber metrics were used to find the Top 100 cheapest places to eat in America … in a review of 50 different cities.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a major metropolitan city. So, you don’t expect that it would be one of the cheapest places to eat in America.

According to USA Today analysis of Google analytics, Philadelphia is in the Top 6 nationwide.

Google analyzed 28,000 reasonably priced restaurants across 50 major cities to create their overall rankings.

Philadelphia faired very well in the overall rankings, landing 5 different restaurants in the Top 100.

Here they are:

  • Czerw's Polish Kielbasa (#10).
  • Frankford Corner Store & Deli (#26).
  • Bold Coffee Bar (#81).
  • Al-Baik Shawarma & Grill (#82).
  • Cucina Zapata (#92).

The City of Brotherly Love also scored well in the average rating for being budget-friendly. Philadelphia finished with a 4.742, which ranked 6th nationally.

Here are the Top 5 fast food chains in Philadelphia:


2. Kung Fu Tea.

3. Pupuseria.

4. Raising Cane's Chicken.

5. QDOBA Mexican Eats.

The survey also included the funniest restaurant names in America. Here are the Top 3:

I Dream of Weenie.

One Night Taco Stand.

Tommy Want Wingy.

Of note, only 5 restaurants in America finished with a perfect score of 5.0

Each had to have a minimum of 200 ratings.

In conclusion, Philadelphia gets beat-up a lot in terms of criticism for a variety of reasons.

On this occasion, Philadelphia is one of the top performers in the nation for offering cheap food.

For the full list in your area, you can click on the link here.

SOURCES: USA Today & Google analytics.

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