MONTCLAIR — Bob Marley's son has a message for New Jersey: Let's get together and feel all right.

The son of the reggae icon and marijuana missionary plans to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Montclair with Colorado-based Lightshade, the North Jersey Record reported this week.

Rohan Marley, 47, is no stranger to New Jersey. He raised his five children with South Orange native Lauryn Hill here.

He's also not new to the cannabis scene. His father, after all, famously advocated for legalization and once said said that “herb is the healing of the nation; alcohol is the destruction."

Gov. Phil Murphy ran on a platform of legalizing marijuana for recreational use but that effort has stalled in the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

Last week, Murphy also conditionally vetoed a bill that would have expunged the criminal records of people convicted of certain marijuana crimes. Murphy believed that the legislation could be amended to go further and be more efficient.

Six medical marijuana dispensaries are operating in seven locations in the state. In December, the state approved six more applications. This summer, the state allowed businesses to apply for 24 additional dispensary permits.

In July, Murphy signed the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act to expand the medical marijuana program.

Among the changes:

— The 2-ounce per month limit has been raised to 3 ounces a month for 18 months. Terminally ill and hospice care patients no longer have any limits.

— The physician authorization period has been expanded from 90 days to a full year.

— Edibles are now allowed to be prescribed for adults. Previously, only children were allowed edibles.

— The sales tax on medical marijuana will be phased out by July 2022.

— Physician assistants and advanced practice nurses are now allowed to authorize medical marijuana.

— Employers are not allowed to discriminate against medical marijuana patients, although employers are not required to permit consumption during work hours.

— Dispensaries are now allowed to make home deliveries.

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