A movie called 'Bruised', starring and directed by Halle Berry and filming largely in Atlantic City, is heading to Netflix.

Courtesy of Netflix/TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)/iMDb

The film, about a former MMA fighter who's fallen on hard times and scraping to make her way back to the top, shot many scenes at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Thanks to Jason Pinardo, who worked on the movie, we were lucky enough to visit the set and speak with Berry for a bit on the same day she welcomed a group of local at-risk middle school and high school students for an inspiring chat about chasing your dreams and never giving up on them.

'Bruised' recently made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival, which is a huge deal for any film, and it reportedly received rave reviews, according to Weist-Barron-Ryan Acting Studios/Ryan Casting who helped cast the parts of the movie shot in Atlantic City.

Heather DeLuca

Now, Variety reports that streaming giant Netflix is buttoning up a deal that would give them the rights to distribute 'Bruised', which means Berry's directorial debut will be primed for a ton of attention.

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