The Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City is expecting a Summer, 2018, grand opening. One of the partners of the Hard Rock also has big plans for a complex in Galloway.

According to Shore News Today, one of the developers in the Hard Rock project wants to expand the area around the CVS Pharmacy on Route 30 in Galloway.

The new venture would be called Nantucket Galloway and could cost between $25 and $30 million; it would feature a 4,500-square-foot “first-class” restaurant, a 4,200-square-foot restaurant, a fast-food eatery, and 9,200 square feet of retail space on the 100 acres of vacant land that surrounds the store. No word on the names of the new restaurants.

Plans for the new project will be submitted to the Planning Board of Galloway Township on Thursday.


Source: Shore News Today

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