Today, Wednesday, April 10, 2024 is an enormously consequential day in the history AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Michael Charlton, President and Chief Executive Officer will unveil his transformative vision for AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center for now and into the future.

It’s called VISION 2030 … a bold and state-of-art focus.

While many practitioners barely have a plan to manage the current year … Charlton’s vision goes 6 years out.

Charlton’s unveiling will take place today, beginning at 2:00 p.m. at Atlantic City’s Historic Boardwalk Hall, in the Adrian Phillips Ballroom.

First, a reception and showcase … followed by Charlton’s VISION 2030 presentation.

The "VISION 2030 - Remarkable, Reimagined" event is the first major public discussion of systemwide strategies lead by Michael J. Charlton since his appointment as AtlantiCare president and CEO in October 2023. The six-year initiative establishes Charlton's leadership approach as one focused on a transformative strategy driven by ambitious goals — and pursued by thoughtful tactics, powerful partnerships and timelines designed to deliver measurable results, according to AtlantiCare.

Charlton will lead a dynamic presentation that will outline the VISION 2030's mission and goals for creating a healthier community.

AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center - Michael Charlton, President & Chief Executive Officer.
AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center - Michael Charlton, President & Chief Executive Officer.

“To emphasize the power AtlantiCare puts behind VISION 2030, Charlton will announce newly established partnerships and affiliations with world-renowned leaders in national and global healthcare technology, education, cancer and neurological care and more. Executives from these organizations will discuss ways their unique experience, resources, and innovations in healthcare will propel VISION 2030 forward.”

There will be a pre-event immersive showcase of AtlantiCare's 125 years of impact in the community.

“This will demonstrate how AtlantiCare built of a legacy steeped in a commitment to improving the health of the communities it serves, offering high-quality and evolving services, and pioneering innovations, according to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center,” said Charlton.

This is the part of the bold vision that Charlton will reveal today:


AtlantiCare's VISION 2030 is a six-year systemwide strategic plan focused on transforming AtlantiCare as well as the way healthcare is provided, measured and refined in the local community, the region, and beyond. Founded on AtlantiCare's 125 years as an anchor institution in the region, VISION 2030 continues AtlantiCare's deeply held commitment to improving health throughout the communities AtlantiCare serves by anticipating and adapting to the changing influences on health - globally, regionally, and locally.

VISION 2030 is shaped by four strategic pillars, each setting forth ambitious, measurable goals:

  • Serving Community - Reduce food insecurity for patients by 6%; reduce unsheltered homelessness by 20%; expand life expectancy by five years; increase annual fundraising by 20%.
  • Workforce Excellence - Establish a medical school in New Jersey to diversify and strengthen talent pipelines; establish AtlantiCare YOUniversity clinical career program to grow talent locally (already underway); equip team members with best-in-class learning and development.
  • Accelerating Transformation - Through AtlantiCare's partnership with a worldwide leader in healthcare technology, AtlantiCare will utilize real-time data, implement technology that transforms care and deliver frictionless experiences; utilize genomics and Al to drive personalized medicine, and enable safe and seamless movement of information across an interconnected ecosystem.
  • Growing Market Share — Grow market share in the region by 5%; expand to a $2 billion organization; target investments to grow access and excellence in behavioral health, cardiology, neurosciences, oncology and orthopaedics, as well as to expand the emergency department.

Hundreds of stakeholders will be on hand today at this unveiling.


SOURCE: AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

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