Many have been asking me.

Can you change your vote after you’ve already cast it in New Jersey?

The short answer is no.

There are a number of states across America, where you can change your vote if you want to reconsider. Not in New Jersey.

This is just one more reason why I despise early voting.

Case in point, more than 75 million Americans cast their vote this year before learning about the massive financial - corruption allegations regarding Joe Biden and his numerous family members.

I can’t help but believe that there are many (early voting) Americans who would not have voted for Biden had they known about this decades-long, scandalous conduct.

Another example, is former President George W. Bush.

In 2000, on the Thursday before election Tuesday, a sensational story broke that Bush was guilty of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

It cost Bush a “clean” popular vote win over Al Gore. It also unleashed a 39-day election contest nightmare that would have/could have/should have been avoided.

Further, had there been wide spread early voting, Bush would have received (arguably) several million more votes, since many voters would have cast their vote not knowing about his earlier DUI.

Our Founders intended for there to be one election day. Not weeks of early voting and even worse; We now have cheaters preparing to rig the game.

They think that it’s just fine to turn in election ballots 3, 6, 9, 12 days ... in one state even 3 weeks after Election Day.

This is ridiculous and it steals the moment of finality away from the American people.

It will no doubt throw the election into the courts, (after-the-fact) whereby any political mischief is possible and likely probable.

For hundreds of years, we’ve known who the President will be on Election Day itself or very shortly thereafter.

Now, undoubtedly we will have to wait days, weeks, or, even months to learn who is the winner of 2020.

This will ensure that the eventual winner will be considered illegitimate by half or more of the country.

Each side will believe that they were cheated as election ballots kept flowing in days and weeks after the election.

I have no doubt that many of these election ballots will actually be cast after Election Day itself.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a direct threat to our Representative Republic.

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