Democrats have been politically retaliating against former United States President Donald Trump with great regularity all over America.

To date, it hasn’t worked out very well for them … but, they keep on trying.

New Jersey Democrats decided to get into the act when they announced that hearings would be held on Friday, July 19, 2024 before the state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The thinly disguised public purpose is to decide whether or not to renew liquor licenses at President Trump’s two popular New Jersey golf courses in Colts Neck and Bedminster.

The July 19th New Jersey hearing should not take place in light of President Trump’s sentencing being delayed in the New York state business records case.

In Acting New York Judge Juan Merchan’s announcement to delay President Trump’s sentencing … he references that the sentencing is delayed until September 18, 2024, “if such is still necessary.”

A person is not legally considered to be a convicted felon until they are sentenced.

The recent United States Supreme Court decision (for official acts in office) regarding Presidential immunity means that Trump may never be sentenced in the New York state case.

This makes it inconceivable that New Jersey would have standing to revoke, suspend or not renew Trump’s liquor licenses in The Garden State at this time.

The New Jersey scheme versus President Trump is obviously political in nature.

Trump has asked Merchan to set aside his conviction. Merchan will announce his decision about this request on Friday, September 6, 2024.

There is simply no way that the state of New Jersey can go after Trump’s two liquor licenses under the present circumstances.

New Jersey law prohibits anyone convicted of a "crime involving moral turpitude" from possessing a liquor license.

In my view, Trump’s conviction in New York State was a political hit job, which either The United States Supreme Court has already essentially just reversed … or, the New York state decision will be reversed in the future by a higher court.

It’s time to stop the political retaliation and the weaponizing of our legal system and other government institutions.

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