It’s not being discussed much, but, migrants have been arriving to New Jersey by the bus load.

It’s not a cliché to say that every state in America is now a border state.

I conducted an on-air interview  on Monday, January 15, 2023 with Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy.

Purdy objectively discussed how problematic the migrant issue has become in New Jersey.

Purdy’s estimate is that a total of 53 buses of illegal migrants have been sent to New Jersey … mostly to Trenton and Secaucus.

New Jersey is not equipped to handle such an influx of migrants.

New York City Mayor Erik Adams doesn’t like it one bit … however, the New Jersey strategy and solution is to bus the migrants received here right to New York City.

Purdy discussed how New Jersey residents are being asked to take-in migrants into their homes.

The residents of New Jersey are some of the kindest and most compassionate people to be found anywhere in America. The problem with this scenario is that the migrants are not being properly vetted.

There is simply no way to know, exactly who you would be housing and what is their background?

In Atlantic County, New Jersey Republicans and Democrats have come together and openly oppose migrants being sent to Atlantic City, or, the Atlantic County area.

Although most Democrat cities around New Jersey enthusiastically signed on to becoming Sanctuary Cities and Counties … over time they have learned that the illegal migration issue is a serious problem in our Country.

We are presently witnessing many of the New Jersey Sanctuary Cities recalibrating their earlier positions.

The  issue of illegal immigration is consistently the second most important issue for voters in America today …  trailing only the current bad economy and inflation in America.


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