As you head to the polls today in New Jersey, here is a final look at your Election Day “Poll of Polls” in the race for New Jersey Governor.

Governor Phil Murphy has led his Republican challenger Jack Ciatterelli in every single poll taken during the Decision 2021 election cycle.

But, that lead has been shrinking over the past two months.

Here are the results of the polls taken over the final two weeks of the campaign as follows:

  • Monmouth University - Murphy +11 points
  • Stockton University- Murphy + 9 points
  • Rutgers University - Murphy + 8 points
  • Emerson poll - Murphy + 6 points
  • Trafalgar poll - Murphy + 4 points

The Trafalgar poll is Murphy 49% vs. Ciatterelli 45% with 4% undecided. This final poll was released yesterday, after 9 full days of early voting has taken place.

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President Joe Biden won the state of New Jersey exactly one year ago by 15 percentage points.

That was an all vote by mail election, in the throes of a global COVID-19 pandemic and a toxic atmosphere, whereby the national media and all of the social media oligarchs raged over President Donald Trump.

Most all punditocracy are still predicting a Murphy victory; but, it will be a close election versus what was thought to be a “cake walk” just a few months ago.

Ciattarelli is surging, but, is it too late?

Governor Murphy is trying to make history of his own. No Democrat Governor since Brendan Byrne in 1977 (44 years ago) has been re-elected.

Republican Governor’s Tom Kean, Christie Whitman and Chris Christie all won two terms.

Republicans have won 6 out of the last 10 Gubernatorial elections in New Jersey.

A whopping 71 percent believe that America is currently on the wrong track. This obviously hurts Governor Murphy.

There is also presently “Tax Civil War” of sorts in New Jersey. The expanded Earned Income Tax Credit is lowering the tax obligation for lower wage earners; By contrast, there has been an increase from 8.97% to 10.75% for the highest wage earners.

Additionally, a surcharge on taxes paid by top-earning businesses was implemented and has now been made permanent.

Taxes and jobs are the two top issues in New Jersey today, on Election Day.

The entire New Jersey Legislature is up for re-election, along with key County and local races.

30 states across America have elections today.

The polls in New Jersey are open today from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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