A lot of work has been down lately to remove the homeless persons and underserved who have been living under the boardwalk  in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The goal has not just been to remove people from living underneath the boardwalk … It’s also been a process and focus of helping people gain the various social services assistance that they need.

Whether that be addiction treatment, mental health care, or, other maladies.

We have confirmed through Atlantic City professional fire department sources that there was a fire underneath the boardwalk at New Jersey Avenue, near The Garden Pier in Atlantic City in the 1:00 p.m. hour.

We have also been told that the Atlantic City firefighters ran into many obstacles during the process of extinguishing the fire.

The Atlantic City Fire Department has now promptly extinguished the fire and turned the matter over to the Atlantic City Police Department, because of a large number of people that are presently living under the boardwalk.

Atlantic City Public Safety Officers confirmed exclusively to us that the people were just lighting a fire to keep warm and cook their food.

No damage has been reported at this time.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Professional Fire Department

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