How does Facebook view you regarding your political views?

Yes, Facebook has an "opinion" of sorts on your political beliefs, and whether you are conservative, liberal or moderate.

What's even more surprising is a Facebook user doesn't even have to "like" a campaign page, a candidate's profile, or post all that much about his or her political views for Facebook to conclude where the user's loyalty lies - according to Facebook advertisers.

Thanks to KNBC-TV, here's how to figure out which box Facebook places you in:

  • Log into on a desktop computer.
  • Click on "Lifestyle and Culture" under the "Interests" tab.
  • You may see a box called "U.S. Politics." If not, click "See More" at the bottom.

Your political affiliation, according to Facebook's people, will be found there.

It also reportedly picks up on what a user's friends "like," and makes a determination that way.