How’s he doing?

A new Monmouth University poll finds a majority of New Jersey residents believe Gov. Phil Murphy is doing a good job, but most don’t think he’s done anything really noteworthy.

According to Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, Murphy's approval ratings "have been fairly steady over the past couple of years.”

Courtesy Monmouth U. Polling Institute
Courtesy Monmouth U. Polling Institute

What's he accomplished?

Murphy said Murphy’s rating is “above water” in a state where Democrats have a significant voter registration advantage over Republicans. But many people have a hard time pointing to his major accomplishments.

Murray noted 48% of Democrats say the governor has had major accomplishments. Going back 10 years to the prior governor's term, 42% of New Jersey adults said then-Gov. Christie had major accomplishments and 41% said he had minor accomplishments, while just 11% said he had none.

For his first years in office, Murphy had an even approve-disapprove split, which shot to over 70% approval during the COVID pandemic.

"He still gets good ratings for handling the initial impact of COVID but I think most New Jerseyans have moved on to other issues that are more important to them," Murray said.

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