I have obtained the following document, which takes the Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam / Atlantic City Democratic Committee to the next level as follows.

The Atlantic City Democratic Committee Executive Board has reached consensus to call for and have an emergency meeting to address urgent matters that have recently taken place.

This emergent meeting will take place Friday February 2, 2018 at 5pm at: To address these events.

- A TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR check was written to our committee by The Atlantic County Democratic Committee on October 12 2017 and said check was intercepted and illegally deposited and cashed by Frank Gilliam (attached is a copy of the check).
- To take action for the inappropriate and unilateral decision by Chairperson Joyce Mollineaux to give a statement on behalf of this committee with out our approval and for accepting restitution from Frank Gilliam for the ill gotten money’s he intercepted intended for and written to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee also for making public statements excusing this egregious and illegal behavior.
- The committee wants to take appropriate and proper actions to address the above outrageous events with proper motions and statements including and not limited to motions to file criminal complaints and investigations by all appropriate law enforcement agencies. To also call on TD Bank to investigate actions and behavior of any and all of its employees involved in these illegal transactions.
- To also censure Democratic Mayor Frank Gilliam for his illegal actions with regard to intercepting The Atlantic City Democratic Committees TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR CHECK depositing transferring and cashing the same.
- To proceed with proper motions to have a vote of no confidence in our current Chairperson Joyce Mollineaux also calling on the chairperson to resign and if Chairperson does not resign to place appropriate motion on floor calling for Chairpersons removal as Chairperson for the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.
- Place motion on floor for nominations for replacement candidates to replace Chairperson with appropriate votes.
- All actions above will be done according to our bylaws and Roberts Rules of order.

Cc: all committee members and parliamentarian James Carroll.

Additionally, I have confirmed that there will be a few amendments to the above draft as follows:

First, action will be taken to admonish Atlantic County Democratic Committee Chairman Mike Suleman for giving the $10,000 check to someone without the knowledge and consent of chairperson and or treasurer of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee.

Second, action will be taken to place a freeze on all funds in the Atlantic City Democratic Committee financial account.

We’ll provide additional updates as more information becomes available.


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