What has happened to one of the most important principles in our country -- a hallmark which has existed for centuries -- the presumption of being considered innocent until proven guilty?

Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner is experiencing the reverse of this in many ways since a series of still unproven allegations have been made against him.

The latest indignity to Tyner is particularly nasty and completely uncalled for.

“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed the following from multiple well placed sources:

  • The Stan Marczyk Scholarship Committee of Holy Spirit High School has rescinded an award that Tyner had been selected to receive.
  • Tyner was slated to receive the award this April.
  • Multiple sources from Holy Spirit and elsewhere confirmed to me that Pete Elco telephoned Tyner on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 to advise him that his award selection had been rescinded.

It is important to note that his Honor, Judge Joseph Marczyk, family members, and many innocent others had nothing to do with the committees’ decision.

Many are said to be in strong disagreement with this arbitrary decision and reversal.

The public continues to have faith and supports Tyner. However, make no mistake about it that the allegations against him are having an affect.

Tyner has also suffered the indignity of having public allegations (accusing) him of being responsible for creating an environment of gender discrimination; incredulously, his accusers compared Tyner directly to the days of Jim Crow.

This is a reprehensible comment to make about such a proven high caliber, wholly inclusive individual such as Tyner.

Also, it is disgraceful that both the Atlantic City and Pleasantville Chapters of the NAACP have not publicly supported Tyner regarding this “Jim Crow - Tyner” assertion.

Both organizations have not offered any support to Tyner since the vicious public attacks that he has been the subject of.

By comparison, congratulations to The Crime Stoppers of Atlantic County for not falling into this unjust trap. They did not rescind their selection of Tyner has The Atlantic County Crime Stopper of the Year.

Yes, until further notice, we are still a great nation that promotes the just concept of innocent until proven guilty.

Sadly, some people need a refresher course on this subject.

NOTE: I contacted Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner before breaking this story. He did not wish to comment about what had happened and only had positive things to say about Holy Spirit High School, Judge Marczyk, The Marczyk Family and The Marczyk Scholarship Committee and Foundation. As usual, Damon Tyner is a gentleman and a class act.

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