My colleague Mike Gill has written a very important article about a legendary local, Atlantic City restaurant closing (at least on a temporary basis) after more than 43 years.

If you missed Mike’s great work, here is a link to his coverage:

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I am following-up with my thoughts on this because it is a case study in exactly how broken America is right now.

Los Amigos, Mexican style restaurant has been able to successfully operate since Jimmy Carter was President of The United States in 1979.

The Atlantic City area has suffered through multiple recessions, a Great Recession; which featured the highest unemployment and home foreclosure rates in America right here in Atlantic City.

Not to mention the 2012 Super Storm, Hurricane Sandy, the permanent closure of 4 Atlantic City Casinos and the current all-time record high gasoline prices.

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Los Amigos has been a highly popular Mexican style restaurant for generations.

They have been able to continue to operate through all of the major challenges that we listed above.

Yet, (at least for now), they can’t operate in this era of runaway inflation, staffing challenges and a broken supply chain.

Think about it. This fine local establishment has been able to successfully negotiate each and every challenge over the past 43 years.

This demonstrates the magnitude of the mounting problems that are confronting business owners all over America.

Here’s how Los Amigos broke the news:

We are sorry to say Los Amigos will be closing its doors until further notice due to the poor labor market, exorbitant food costs, and fuel and energy costs. We would like to thank all our customers & past employees that have supported us since we opened in 1979. We wish you all the best.

Here us to hoping that this is just a short-term blip and Los Amigos will be able to reopen when things settle down.

The legendary Sack-O-Subs in Ventnor, another Mike Gill story, has had a happy ending and is able to re-open.

We wish the same for Los Amigos In Atlantic City.

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