“Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed the following important news regarding COVID-19 and the Atlantic City Professional Firefighters.

As we speak, two firefighters and one captain have tested positive for COVID-19.

This necessitated the closure of multiple fire companies yesterday morning until those members could be relieved.

Additionally, I have confirmed that approximately two dozen members were tested last night, who were in direct contact with the three members who had tested positive.

This has complicated other important matters. Atlantic City was about to to start a new training academy class.

However, one of the firefighters who tested positive was in a county class, with other Atlantic City Fire Department members; training to become drill instructors so that Atlantic City could run the drill academy in house.

I am reaching out to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small at 7:30 a.m. this morning (Thursday, September 24, 2020) to obtain an on-air comment during the “Hurley in the Morning” program on WPG Talk Radio 95.5, 1450 AM and our WPG Talk Radio smartphone app.

We’ll keep you posted with all developments.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Professional Firefighters

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