I have had a highly objectionable video forwarded to me more than 50 times in the past day or so.

The video is a microcosm of everything that is wrong in America.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was dining with his family, First Lady Tammy and his children.

An individual aggressively confronted Governor Murphy in a loud and profane manner and video taped the encounter.

I have decided not to link a copy of the video to this article, because I consciously don’t want to be a part of giving it any additional publicity.

The purpose of my column is to condemn it and rise in support of Governor Murphy.

We are currently living in very divided times. That comes as no surprise to anyone.

However, it is never, ever acceptable to confront anyone in this manner.

I distinctly remember calling out United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters and others who wrongly called on Americans to interrupt Republican leaders when you see them in public.

They outrageously and aggressively called for people to bother them while they were outside dining. Don’t let them sleep. Give them no peace.

It was disgusting. It was uncivilized then. I feel the same way about what happened to Governor Murphy and his family now.

So, if you were against it then. Please join with me in being against it now.

I was struck by how Governor Murphy kept his cool throughout this nasty encounter. I was also profoundly moved by how Governor Murphy’s son defended his Father; telling the verbal attacker that “The President likes my Father,” which is absolutely true.

On numerous occasions President Trump has referred to Governor Murphy as “a very good man.”

Governor Murphy is a very good man. He’s kind and considerate. He’s a decent man.

Whatever happened to simply disagreeing with someone’s policies, but, not resorting to such vicious, personal attacks?

In this candid camera ambush moment, The Murphy Family behaved in an exemplary manner. It was a positive example of how we should all behave.

Yet, I suspect few could keep their cool like they did. It must have been a very tough experience to endure such a verbal tirade, while in the company of your immediate family.

The person was screaming and cursing (while not wearing a face mask) within a very close distance of The Governor’s dining table.

This kind of boorish behavior is not who we are, or, ever should be as Americans.

I rise in support of Governor Murphy. Whether you agree or disagree with any policies or decisions that have been made over the years ... we should all agree that aggressively approaching anyone in public in this manner should not be tolerated.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we should all band together and reclaim our membership cards to the human race; before it’s too late.

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