Update as of 9:30AM -- Dr. James Kauffman has been arrested during the execution of a search warrant at his Egg Harbor Township office.

According to a Facebook post, the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office says while law enforcement officials were executing a search warrant at Dr. James Kauffman's home and business, Dr. Kauffman displayed a Ruger 9mm handgun. Authorities say a hostage negotiator was successful in getting Dr. Kauffman to surrender; he was taken into custody of the Psychiatric Intervention Program for monitoring and is now under arrest. Kauffman is being charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, possession of hollow point bullets, and obstruction of the administration of law.

Our original report from 8:00 Tuesday morning follows...

WPG Talk Radio 104.1's Harry Hurley has learned and confirmed that a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement raid is underway at the Egg Harbor Township office and Linwood residence of Dr. James Kauffman, husband of the late April Kaufmann, who was murdered in her home 5 years ago.

Members of the FBI, Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office and local law enforcement have participated today.

Under federal law, the FBI may obtain a specific search warrant and the execution of this search warrant is the raid.

The 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires law enforcement agencies to obtain a search warrant based upon probable cause. The searches must be reasonable and specific.

The rooms to be searched must be identified in the warrant, or there must be a specific list of things that the FBI hopes to obtain during the course of the search.

The warrant is obtained by the FBI agent with preliminary evidence based on direct information.

The purpose of an FBI raid is to surprise the subjects of their warrants so as to preserve evidence.

My well placed sources have confirmed that this morning's search warrant at Dr. James Kauffman's office and residence does not appear to directly involve any issues regarding the murder of his wife, April Kauffman.

I was given permission to confidentially share this news with my identical twin Brother Don Hurley, who represented the "Hurley in the Morning' program today at the Egg Harbor Township scene of this morning's multi-jurisdictional raid of Dr. James Kauffman.

I have an idea of what today's search warrant is about, however, I will not speculate further about it at this time, in order to not risk jeopardizing a pending FBI criminal investigation.

  • Additional coverage - WPVI-TV report from June 5, 2012, follows:


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