This is a tough opinion piece. I have hesitated to write it, simply because I don’t want to demoralize you.

The American people have faced so many challenges over the past 3 1/2 months.

Please continue to treat the coronavirus with much respect.

I have been closely monitoring the numbers and the latest trajectory.

5 states (California, Arizona, Mississippi, Texas and Nevada) have just hit record single day COVID-19 numbers yesterday.

The country hit 34,700 new cases yesterday. Only two other days saw more, on April 9th and 24th when there were 36,400 new one day cases.

The number of new cases (nationwide) is at a 2-month high.

New cases appear to be surging in the past week versus steady declines over the previous six weeks.

One explanation for this is that more people are getting tested, so they’ll naturally be more documented positive cases.

Another explanation is that cases are surging because much of America has re-opened.

If it’s the latter and not the former, I strongly believe that the American people could face and I don’t believe can endure a second government imposed shut down.

President Donald Trump has stated that America will not shut down a second time and that we will manage the coronavirus with emerging therapies and ultimately a vaccine as soon as humanly possible.

However, The power to close or open has resided in the states. In our bitterly divided times, Democrat states have stayed closed longer and re-opened slower as compared to Republican states.

The South and West are getting hit the hardest at this time. California had 6,000 and Texas 5,000 new cases, yesterday.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have implemented a 14-day quarantine for those traveling from hot spot states.

If the virus continues to spike, the Tuesday, November 3, 2020 General Election will also take place under very difficult circumstances.

Will we experience a second wave of the coronavirus? Could that second wave already be underway?

Here are just a few of the many questions that we will be facing over the next several months.

Can campaign rallies be held safely? Can voting at the polls take place? Can major league sports games actually be held? Will companies face a second wave series of closures? Will schools re-open in September?

The Coronavirus, all by itself, may control who the next President of The United States will be.

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