Remember seeing something that resembles this picture. The iconic Norman Rockwell picture, when a local boy sits with a Freehold Borough Police Man.

I love this, thanks to the Freehold Borough Police Department's Facebook page:

So many people responded so positive about this picture. It was at a local diner where a Freehold Borough Police Man was sitting at a local diner eating his breakfast and a little boy came right up next to him.

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Officer Kevin Werner was having a bite to eat when Elijah sat right next to him. Thanks to the

"Officer Kevin Werner was having a great conversation with a nice young man at Roberto's in town," said Freehold Police Capt. Ronnie Steppat. "Officer Werner was eating when the young man and his grandmother came in. The child came right up to Officer Werner, talking to him about being a cop. And the young man told Kevin that he was dressing up as a cop for Halloween," Steppat said.

The photo, according to the, the painting was from 1958 and it was the called The Runaway with a little boy sitting next to the officer.

It was the responses on The Freehold Borough Police Department's Facebook page comments that just has me smiling from ear to ear and how this picture had so many emotions attatched to it. Just a couple of comments that made me smile: this picture is now in a possible calendar contest, that's what I call serving and protecting, Officer Werner is a great guy, love the FBPD, and so many more comments about the community.

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