NEWARK — Two Irvington women were arrested twice in one weekend for organizing back-to-back crowded events in a warehouse and illegally serving alcohol, city police said.

Rosa E. Mainato, 23, and Fanny Camas, 27, were charged for maintaining an unlicensed liquor establishment in both incidents.

On Saturday night, police found an indoor soccer game being played in a crowded warehouse at 223 Verona Ave. with many not wearing masks or practicing social distancing, according to Ambrose.

Mainato was charged with selling beer without a license after police found nearly 1,000 Bud Light Lime and Corona beers, according to Ambrose.

Police returned to the same warehouse at 7:40 p.m. Sunday and found as many as 200 children and adults.

Ambrose said Camas was arrested after selling beers from a concession stand without a license. Police confiscated 22 beers and $830.00 in sales.

"It’s incredible how once again people put wealth over health,” Ambrose said in a written statement. “It’s selfish people like this who perpetuate the spread."

An executive order issued by Gov. Phil Murphy limits general indoor gatherings to 10 people. Legal indoor gatherings such as wedding ceremonies, funerals, memorial services or religious and political activities cannot have more than 150.

The city of Newark also has a curfew requiring businesses deemed non-essential to close at 8 p.m. daily. Gatherings and events are limited to no more than 10 people.

Pictures from inside a Newark warehouse during a large gathering
Pictures from inside a Newark warehouse during a large gathering (Newark police)
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