The past few weeks of heat, humidity, and heavy rain will soon be a thing of the past as high pressure delivers pleasant, peaceful weather to the Garden State.

Here are your weather headlines for Tuesday, August 2, 2016...

Spot Showers

New Jerseyans are still cleaning up from the deluge of rain this weekend, with 5+ inches falling in several areas of the state. Monday was a drier day although, as expected, there were pockets of heavy rain (especially in South Jersey). I'm happy to report that our flooding issues should be over and done. Even though there is a rain chance in the forecast today, it's not expected to be heavy or prolonged enough to inundate roadways and waterways again.

Tuesday is beginning with mostly cloudy to overcast skies, which plagued the state on Monday and ultimately prevented temperatures from climbing higher than the upper 70s. As clouds decrease, temperatures should warm to the upper 70s to lower 80s across the state. The coolest temperatures and thickest clouds will likely be along the Jersey Shore, thanks to an on-shore flow (easterly wind). That wind will also cause a slightly higher high tide cycle along the oceanfront on Tuesday, and provide an elevated risk for dangerous rip currents.

Additionally, even with the arrival of high pressure, a few more spot showers or storms will be possible through Tuesday afternoon. Any rain that pops up should be isolated and short-lived - I suspect the day will be primarily day for New Jersey.

Pleasant Weather

Starting this evening, we'll really start to experience some pleasant, comfortable weather. Overnight lows should fall into the mid to upper 60s, under mostly clear skies. It will be the first time in almost two weeks that we've had widespread temperatures in the 60s. So enjoy!

Wednesday and Thursday both look like winner weather days, with more sun than clouds, light winds, dry weather, manageable humidity, and high temperatures in the lower to mid 80s.

Cookin' Again

By Friday, you'll start to notice thermometers rising a little higher, with temperatures bumping into the mid to upper 80s. Friday should still be a nice summer day, staying dry during the daytime hours.

Our next storm system will be a cold front that is currently modeled to push through New Jersey between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday. This front will deliver drier and (eventually) cooler air, and also provide a catalyst for showers and thunderstorms. So there will probably be a brief period of rain on Saturday. Just in case the front arrives earlier, I've also put a shower in the forecast for Friday night. The timing of the front will also impact temperatures - a daytime frontal passage would probably cause pre-frontal compression of the warm air over New Jersey. That would cause temperatures to spike into the 90s for high temperatures on Saturday.

We return to the nice side of the weather world on Sunday, with highs in the seasonable mid 80s and partly sunny skies.

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