At its open public meeting of Thursday, February 22, 2024, The Atlantic City, New Jersey Housing Authority took the tact of blaming the media for its current problems.

This agency’s many problems are well documented and of their own doing and not the blame of any in the media who objectively report about it.

Matt Doherty, the former Executive Director of the Atlantic City Housing Authority attended yesterday’s meeting and offered his assessment:

The board leadership was in full spin mode last night as they lashed out at the media because of the public criticisms in the press over their gross mismanagement of the authority. The board also delved into chaos at certain times last night with Chair Stephanie Marshall and Commissioner Geoffrey Dorsey ganging up to try and silence Commissioner Charmaine Hall as she spoke about the corruption on the board and at the Authority, said Doherty.

Doherty also confirmed that a very expensive contract was tabled … I believe that it’s because of our coverage … whereby we alerted the public that a public contract worth more than $ 400,000 during the past year was going to be awarded to the same outside purchasing contractor.

The Atlantic City Housing Authority actually paid a purchasing contractor $406,000 last year, despite the fact that there was a full-time employee on staff who made more than $100,000 a year.

The board prevented their own employee from being able to handle the purchasing duties that all purchasing agents are routinely responsible for.

Doherty confirmed that the Atlantic City Housing Authority did award 4 other contracts at the meeting.

The meeting lasted 3 hours, with the board caring about how unfairly they’re being treated by the media.

SOURCE: Matt Doherty

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