Since the 2001 Bush v. Gore Presidential election, America has been hopelessly divided. The media divided us into red and blue states and then regularly report that we’re divided.

You would think that all of this political stupidness would take a break during the Coronavirus. Wrong. Americans are as divided as ever, even about the Coronavirus.

A Reuter’s/IPSOS poll has yielded that Democrats are twice as likely to say that the Coronavirus poses an imminent threat to The United States of America.

More Democrats also responded that they are taking action to be better prepared. The Democrats surveyed also responded that they are traveling less and washing their hands more.

Most Republicans surveyed did not see the Coronavirus as an imminent threat. The most cases in America at this time are in Washington State.

Four in ten Democrats see the Coronavirus as an imminent threat as compared to only two in 10 Republicans.

For much of America’s past, people always rallied together during any national crisis. This is no longer the case. It’s a partisan pack mentality. Like-minded individuals hold common views.

President Donald Trump stopped airplanes from China from landing in America. He did this very early on. At the time, political opponents called him nasty names like racist and xenophobe.

There is no telling how many infections this one moment of truth decision prevented.

Now, The Trump haters are saying that he is presenting too optimistic of an outlook and that he isn’t doing enough. The President simply can’t win to lose.

Many (and, I’m one of them), believe that The President’s enemies are weaponizing the Coronavirus, hoping for potential political gain. This is the worst kind of politics. It’s time to knock it off. It’s dangerous to create unnecessary panic and hysteria.

It’s a very serious health problem. No one is trying to minimize it. On the other hand, those who are exploiting it for some cheap, political gain; it’s disgraceful.

It’s impossible to accurately measure the amount of public unrest that exists because of the 24-7 hysterical reporting. But, for those who are purposely going over-the-top every single day; it’s no wonder why hand sanitizer, face masks, toilet paper and now rubbing alcohol and aloe Vera are in such short supply.

Because the desire to unseat President Trump is so great, many people don’t even process a crisis like we used to.

Here is a final statistic. 54 percent of Republicans have not changed any plans, 40 percent of Democrats have altered their plans.

Divisive politics has changed everything in our country, with no boundaries, even when the stakes are of a life and death nature.

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