First, we provide a proper media credit to David Wildstein, Founder, Editor and Publisher of for breaking this big story earlier this morning.

It’s official. It will be Vince versus Vince for the Atlantic County 2nd District New Jersey state senate seat.

That’s Mazzeo vs. Polistina. A four-term incumbent New Jersey Assemblyman versus a former two-term New Jersey Assemblyman.

Respectfully, this is where all of the similarities end between the two Vince’s.

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Polistina is known as a very bright, well versed and articulate legislator and candidate.

Don P. Hurley Photo
Don P. Hurley Photo

Mazzeo has not made his reputation by demonstrating these particular characteristic traits. However, Mazzeo has won each time that he’s run.

Mazzeo’s string of good fortune almost ended in the last election cycle (2019). He and his running mate John Armato were trailing badly to Atlantic County Commissioner John Risley and former Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther.

Then, vote-by-mail potentate Craig Callaway came to Mazzeo and Armato’s rescue and single-handily delivered them to a late come-from-behind victory.

I’m still forecasting that Atlantic County Commissioner Caren Fitzpatrick will be on the Democratic Assembly ticket.

Fitzpatrick would have to been the Atlantic County Democrats strongest candidate for the State Senate.

For the Democrats this could prove to be a classic example of personal ego and ambition versus formulating the strongest ticket. Time will tell.

On the Republican side, it’s looking more and more like it will be Polistina, former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and former New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Claire Swift.

Atlantic County is the most competitive battleground District in the state. With neighboring District 1 bring the second most competitive race.

Although Senator Michael Testa is quickly working to change this, with his earned mandate in 2019.

The potential exists in District 2 for either party to sweep all three seats, or, a split decision.

My early “Hurley” line is that Polistina has the early edge against Mazzeo. The Republican and Democrat Assembly candidates are locked early in a potentially very close race ... pending Fitzpatrick’s decision whether or not to enter the race.

Without Fitzpatrick, the Assembly Republicans begin the campaign with an early edge to sweep both seats.

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