If you have a driver’s license in New Jersey and it’s up for renewal, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, D-Gloucester, sponsored legislation that has just been signed by Gov. Phil Murphy that will “waive the fee for renewal of your driver’s license, motorcycle license, commercial driver’s license or even for a non-driver ID card for a one year period.

“Instead of having to pay a $24 fee to get their license renewed they’ll pay nothing, and that applies to not just drivers licenses for cars but also motorcycles, commercial vehicles,” said Moriarty.

New Jerseyans with a driver’s license that expires any time from October of this year until the end of September 2023 won’t pay a renewal fee.

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He said this is part of a larger effort to finds ways to help people out in New Jersey at a time when inflation continues to spike higher.

“We’re also letting certain professionals like nurses and doctors and social workers renew their licenses without having to pay a fee,” he said.

Looking for ways to help

“We are looking at every way possible to make New Jersey more affordable, people are dealing with inflation, they’re dealing with rising prices, higher grocery prices, that’s why we’re saying to 1.75 million drivers in the state, go get your license renewed if it’s supposed to come up this year and don’t pay the fee," he said.


The New Jersey Office of Legislative Services concluded this fee holiday will result in a one-year decrease in revenues collected by the state Motor Vehicle Commission of about $22.3 million.

The new state budget includes an appropriation of $22.3 million to the MVC to offset the revenue loss.

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