Only in New Jersey would we use taxpayer money to defend illegals but force shore residents to set up GoFundMe pages to go to the beach.

Lisa Cramp, an Asbury Park resident, started a campaign to help raise money for low-income families in Asbury Park that can't afford beach tags.

"It's sad," Cramp said. "I think New Jersey is the only state that charges people to get on the beach and I think also that Asbury Park is unique because 30 percent of the population do live below the poverty level."

Cramp's campaign which was aiming to raise $3,000 is now over $7,000. The Local Trinity Church and the Boys and Girls Club said they would help find the families who will put the tags to use.

I've had people call in saying that the beach fees "keep the riff raff out" So then it's Ok for the riff raff to live in, pay taxes and support the local businesses when those that come for the summer leave, but they shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the beach which is also in their town. It's bad enough they have to pay for parking which I'm guessing many can't afford. Then again, if you've ever experienced life as "riff raff" you would appreciate what a day at the beach could actually do for you. It's sad that there are so many people in New Jersey who can't afford a day at the beach but are forced to endure those who can.

The "riff raff" aren't the only argument to be made for residents to get free beaches. We in New Jersey have become so apathetic about beach tag fees that we just suck it up and pay them. When we see the "cash only" kiosks for beach tags we just roll our eyes when we even think about where the money is going. But if you live in the town, or own a summer residence like I do, then you should be able to get a complementary residential parking and beach pass. I say complementary but the truth is, you're already paying for it with your tax dollars.

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