Caroline Botto says her Jeep is going to stick to the pavement from awhile.

The Cape May Court House woman, a friend, and her kids had an interesting adventure Friday.

Jeep in Water Cape May County
Courtesy of Caroline Botto

Jeep gets submerged in Cape May County

Botto says she, a friend and her three children (two under 2-years-old) were off-roading in the Erma area, like they often do, when they got stuck.

How stuck? They were in several feet of water and couldn't get out.

Botto says, "While i was trying to reverse out of the hole, it just dug me deeper."

Uh oh.

A call to police and officers were on the scene in 15 minutes. Botto says by the time officers arrived, she had already gotten two of her kids out of the vehicle. They're 7 1/2  years-old, and 18 months old. The smallest one, 6 months, was helped out thanks to the police officers.

WATCH: Video shows officers helping baby out of vehicle.

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They were able to get the Jeep out of the water

Botto says this all happened late Friday afternoon, and they were able to get the vehicle out of the water. "Jeep was stuck until 530 when kind community members pulled me out."

She says the jeep still runs, although she won't be going back off-roading again just yet. "The Jeep will now be a pavement princess until the Jeep Invasion in Wildwood."

We're so glad everyone is OK. "Everyone is perfect!"

Great news! Thanks again to the great officers from the Cape May County Sheriff's Office and the Lower Township Police Department on a job well done!

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