It's that time of year again! Parents, rejoice! The kids are headed back to school.

There's always chaos that accompanies prepping kids for yet another year of school. Think about how much there is to do beforehand! You have to shop for brand new school clothes, buy all the school supplies, sign all the forms. It's true when they say there never does seem to be an end to the to-do list.

Hopefully, you got it all done, because ready or not, there they go! Most of New Jersey's kids are headed back to school this week.

You already know what that means, right? PICTURES. Lots of them, too.

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It's a back-to-school tradition! One that will never die, either. Every parent needs that perfect back-to-school picture to post on social media, right? It starts as early as Pre-k and lasts at least through eighth grade, for some, even through high school. Moms everywhere will make sure they get that perfect shot of their kids dressed in their fresh school clothes ready to take on the year.

Nowadays, 1st-day-of-school pictures have come with an additional tradition: the back-to-school sign.

Back-to-school signs are the signs that usually include the kid's name, grade, school, teacher's name, as well as a couple of their interests and hobbies. It's common for parents to make their kids hold the sign up for a picture or have it positioned near their child for the perfect social media-worthy photo.

Multiple sources and authorities have warned parents, however, about the potential dangers those signs can represent in our digital-forward society.

To be fair, not all signs are bad. They don't all give away too much information. However, most of the back-to-school signs usually come with a bunch of information on a child that could pose a threat to them if thrusted into the wrong hands. It could possibly become available to online predators who would then know way too much.

In an effort to keep your child safe, don't include information like his or her teacher's name,  where they go to school, how old they are, or what grade they're in. We all love to share these precious moments on Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, it's important to keep in mind of the potential threat that exists these days.

Better to be safe than sorry, right? Ditch the back-to-school signs that ask for WAY too much info. What ever happened to just saying "cheese?"

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