I’ve kept my journalistic powder dry about this one.

But, from second one, I knew that former Business Administrator Ken Mosca wasn’t the problem in Margate City, New Jersey.

It was the political newbies the whole time.

Mosca was hired by the previous Margate Commission majority … Mayor Mike Becker, John Amodeo and Maury Blumberg … three men with great experience.

Had Becker and Amodeo not decided to retire, there never would have been all of the unnecessary drama and intrigue regarding the sudden departure of Mosca as Business Administrator.

The two newbies, who I personally (& enthusiastically) endorsed and Blumberg won the three city commission seats not long after Mosca was hired.

We reported previously that the Margate City Commission had prepared a resolution to terminate Mosca's contract saying at the time that it was “in the best interest of the municipality.”

The resolution was never voted upon, instead, about 10 days later, the city commission approved a resolution terminating Mosca’s contract.

Mosca received three months of severance pay, along with a non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties.

Ironically, a new commissioner and appointed
mayor, Michael Collins is Amodeo’s son-in-law.

Like Father-in-law; not like son-in-law. Amodeo was enthusiastically in support of Mosca; as Amodeo was very well aware of Mosca’s successful 7 years in Linwood as Business Administrator.

For reasons that have never been publicly revealed, Collins wanted Mosca out in Margate.

My suspicion is that it’s simply because Mosca possesses far greater knowledge of local government than Collins does.

Most often times in life, the simplest answer is also the correct answer.

Prior to accepting the Margate City position on January 19, 2023, Mosca was employed as a public affairs manager for Atlantic City Electric.

Mosca was business administrator for the City of Linwood for 7 years and in Ocean Township for 2 years.

Mosca has been successful at every stop along the way during his career.

Mosca has never been the problem, and, he wasn’t the problem in Margate City.

Instead, it’s the newbies that were the problem.

Now, they’re advertising to hire a new business administrator in Margate City … when they had inherited the right one all along.

NOTE: We did not reach out to Mosca or the Margate City Commissioners, as each has signed a non-disclosure agreement on this subject.

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