No doubt about it, Lara Trump has the "right" last name. But, it is her sheer talent, that also makes her one of United States President Donald Trump's most effective and dynamic surrogates on the campaign trail.

Earlier today, in a "Hurley in the Morning" WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM and 1450 AM exclusive interview, Lara Trump made big news confirming two important breaking news items as follows:

1. That more than 175,000 tickets have been requested for tomorrow's President Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey. This is a record for any President Trump Rally, anywhere. This is the first time that this number has been reported anywhere.

2. Lara Trump confirmed during our on-air interview that because there is so much demand for tomorrow's rally... that they will be holding another rally at some point in the future. This will come as welcome news to many President Trump faithful, who will not be able to get inside tomorrow's rally.

The Wildwoods Convention Center holds 7,500 people, demonstrating that the supply and demand challenge is evident.

You can listen to our wide-ranging interview with Lara Trump, right here. We cover the Trump economy, jobs, GDP and much more.

Tomorrow's ticket in Wildwood will be one of the hottest tickets in Southern New Jersey history.

In a separate story, I will share with you just how long people have been waiting in line for President Trump's rally. We have interviewed the very first person in line, and, we'll be sharing this audio interview with you in that piece.

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