Despite what you may be hearing, many area schools may ultimately opt for total remote learning and students may not return to the classroom in September.

For example, because of logistical challenges, many of Atlantic County’s larger schools may begin the school year on a total remote/home learning basis.

All Cumberland County schools appear to be going with remote learning.

As of right now, Cape May County schools are planning to open with in-school instruction.

However, our many friends in education advise that this could change.

I have also learned that the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) appears to be stepping-up it’s opposition to re-opening the schools for in-classroom instruction.

The situation is very fluid. This is the latest as it stands right now.

I am taking this opportunity share with you a few documents from the Atlantic City and Brigantine Public Schools, so you can get a feel for the various discussions that are going on right now.

Many Schools are planning to begin the new school year on Tuesday, September 8, 2020, although some are planning to delay their start date as needed.

Atlantic City & Brigantine Public Schools Documents provided to Harry Hurley
Atlantic City & Brigantine Public Schools Documents provided to Harry Hurley
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