New Jersey Superior Court Assignment Judge Julio Mendez had previously handled the Thelma Witherspoon vs. Andrew Parker Atlantic County Freeholder, District 3 election contest challenge.

During the last hearing on the matter, Mendez announced that he would be reassigning the case.

Mendez assigned the case to Joseph L. Marczyk, who is the presiding judge of the Atlantic County civil division.

Marczyk is a judge on the Vicinage 1 Superior Court in New Jersey. He was nominated to the court by Governor Jon Corzine and confirmed by the state senate. He was sworn in on January 17, 2010. Marczyk was reappointed in December 2016.

This much I know beyond all doubt. Marczyk is as decent and honorable a Judge as you can find anywhere in America.

We broke the news right before Christmas that the next hearing would be held today, Monday, January 4, 2021.

In a breaking news exclusive, I can confirm the following directly from Parker.

“The hearing this morning went well. We were able to have their expert and the expert report barred. Both sides presented arguments, the judge will make a ruling sometime by noon tomorrow,” said Parker.

Had expert testimony been permitted, the hearing may have lasted for a second day.

It must be noted that Parker is is seeking to accomplish something that is very challenging to do.

Parker is attempting to overturn the results of a certified election, whereby Witherspoon was officially declared the winner.

The remedy that Parker is seeking, is for Judge Marzczyk to order a new election, in light of more than 500 ballot errors made by Atlantic County Clerk Ed McGettigan.

It resulted in 554 voters being disenfranchised.

The final election tally ended with 15,019 for Witherspoon and 14.730 for Parker - for a difference of only 289 votes.

Mendez had earlier publicly commented that if the final result between the two candidates was within 554 votes ... that he was
inclined to call for a new election.

However, Mendez has since assigned the case to Marczyk to handle.

NOTE: It was not admissible at today’s hearing, but, here is expert Tina Zappile’s analysis of the November 3, 2020 General Election.

It concludes that there is a 99.9 percent probability that Witherspoon would have still won without the ballot errors in Hamilton Township.

Here’s her complete work on this case.

We’ll keep you posted.

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