Alan Rhoads has exclusively confirmed to us that he has filed a Tort Claims Notice versus:

  • City of Atlantic City
  • State of New Jersey
  • Stockton University

Rhoads was formerly the head coach of the Stockton University Men’s Hockey Team.

Rhoads was banned from the Atlantic City Skate Zone premises for what appear to be suspect reasons.

This is the facility where Stockton University holds their practices and home games.

This move essentially “fired” Rhoads, as it became impossible to coach a team … when you are prohibited from being on the premises where you practice and hold 1/2 of the games.

Due to the extent of lawsuits against the city, including those of John Devlin, Matt Doherty, LaToya Dunston, Frederic Bor, and several more, it has been challenged retaining a local attorney who is not conflicted or too involved to take on another challenging and time consuming legal case. I am currently in the final stages of choosing between two attorneys from the broader region, said Rhoads.

Rhoads opened-up to us and shared the following:

“Thanks to recent OPRA requested documents and other forms of evidence that I have received, l have learned that the Mayor of Atlantic City sent an email to the Chief Operating Officer of Stockton University stating that I was permanently banned from a place of public accommodation, without any due process, for talking to a couple of concerned hockey dads that want an ice rink for our area,” said Rhoads.

"This is unlawful, and the Attorney General of New Jersey, respectfully, should perhaps put his politics aside, and hold this mayor accountable for his unlawful actions,” said Rhoads.

"February 22nd is the 44th anniversary of the 1980, "Miracle on Ice" when a group of college kids, and a college hockey coach named Herb Brooks, did the unthinkable and defeated the Soviets- in a moment that brought our country together like never before,” said Rhoads.

Perhaps it's time for another college hockey coach named Alan Rhoads, to pick up the mantle, and take down the Soviets once again. This is not who we are as Americans,” said Rhoads.

SOURCE: Alan Rhoads

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