Here's a question: which shore town has New Jersey's best beach?

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If you ask ten people, you'll likely get ten different answers.

To sort through all of those opinions, the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium recently wrapped-up their annual survey which asked just that question: what is New Jersey's favorite beach?

Debuting in 2008 as New Jersey’s “Top Ten Beaches,” the survey was initially designed to encourage friendly competition and camaraderie amongst popular Jersey Shore communities along the coast. Following Hurricane Sandy, the contest was rebranded “Favorite Beaches” to diversify results so that ALL areas of the Garden State’s gorgeous oceanfront are recognized, inspiring a refreshing sense of unity and support.

The results are in -- and the winner is no stranger to the top spot.

Out of the dozens of shore towns from Monmouth down to Cape May County, Ocean City took home the trophy for the ninth consecutive year.

Ferris Wheel at Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, NJ, as seen in 2019 - Photo: Chris Coleman
Ferris Wheel at Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, NJ, as seen in 2019 - Photo: Chris Coleman

Officials with the NJSGC recently visited America's Greatest Family Resort to present city officials with their honors.

The mayor speaks

Mayor Jay Gillian told The Press of Atlantic City,

It’s great to see Ocean City achieve this honor. Every year, we face new challenges. But Ocean City remains the best beach in the state and a tradition for generations of families.

Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

Fightin' words

While exactly how many people voted in this year's survey wasn't revealed, many people do take this honor very seriously.

Take, for example, Nicole Murray at Townsquare Media's 94.3 The Point in Monmouth County, who was attempting to rally the troops to knock Ocean City out of the top spot (and as someone who works close to Ocean City who also works for Townsquare Media, I'm proud to say she failed miserably 😊).

Every stinking year, Ocean City wins the gold as the favorite beach of the entire Garden state and 2022 is the year [it] stops.

Nope. Sorry, Nicole. 😊

Other winners

While Ocean City was the big winner, Wildwood was ranked the runner-up for the state.

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On a county level, Asbury Park was named the best beach in Monmouth County, Seaside Heights in Ocean County, and Brigantine in Atlantic County.

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