You would be hard pressed to find a more illustrative image of how poorly Mayor Marty Small manages the City of Atlantic City.

The featured photograph, which we have placed above and below was taken on Father’s Day, 2023 at Sandcastle Stadium in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This is not a joke. This photo is real. It’s real sad, too.

John C Exadaktilos Photo.
John C Exadaktilos Photo.

Have you ever witnessed a foul line that looks this horrifically bad?

Ernest Coursey, who operates under a fake title of chief of staff for the City of Atlantic City, was responsible for the day-to-day operations of Bader Field for the past several years.

An Atlantic City Hall source, who is mortified by this circumstance told me that a direct Coursey relative is now responsible for the management Sandcastle Stadium.

Marty Small is an Atlantic City High School and Stockton University hall of fame athlete.

Small must be beyond humiliated by this debacle.

We have been advised that Sand Castle Stadium was lined on Sunday, June 18, 2023 (Father’s Day) for a special event called the 2023 16 & Under Perfect Game Super25 Mid-Atlantic Regional (OPEN).

You can find out more about this prestigious tournament at www.perfect

I’m truly glad this special event event is called “perfect game,” because the lining of the Sand Castle Stadium field is anything but “perfect.”

We learned about this from John Exadaktilos, who is the owner of the Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City and a frequent critic of Marty Small.

Criticism on this occasion certainly can be justified. The jokes on social media are hilarious and sad, all at the same time.

Looking at the umpire in our featured photo, I can’t help but wonder … what did he think when he walked onto the field and saw a foul line that I don’t even know how you can play a game under these conditions?

Anytime your mind wanders and you question how can the city of Atlantic City be run this poorly… Just look at this photo and you’ll fully understand both how and why?

The lining of Sand Castle Stadium baseball field should serve as a case study and daily reminder.

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