If you're looking to buy some land in South Jersey, there's one shore town where the average price per square foot is more than it is to live right outside of New York City.

Stone Harbor - Photo: Google Maps
Stone Harbor - Photo: Google Maps

An analysis by NJ.com listed the five cheapest and five most expensive towns in the Garden State to buy land per square foot. In South Jersey, there are some bargains -- and some areas where you'll need to write a really big check.

Let's start with the lowest... four of the five cheapest towns to buy land (again, on a per-square foot-basis) are in South Jersey. Salem, Penns Grove, and Bridgeton rank 2, 3, and 4, with average prices around $58 to $63/square foot. Camden has the cheapest average at $57/square foot. These towns offer cheaper real estate values for obvious reasons: high crime rates, declining populations, and relatively low household incomes.

Meanwhile, on the other side of South Jersey, values increase significantly. Want to buy some land in Avalon? The city that's cooler by a mile boasts land that sells for almost $600 per square foot -- that's #5 on the list. Three towns in North Jersey rank 4, 3, and 2. And as for number one... Stone Harbor -- where land sells for about $724 per square foot.




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