What happens when a whole bunch of New Jersey residents all play the same lucky number and that number hits?

Well, the New Jersey Lottery has to pay out a record single-day prize amount.

Thursday night in the lottery's Pick 3 game, the winning numbers were 7-7-7. On top of that, the Fireball number was also the number 7.

What that meant was a big payday for a lot of lottery players.

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Lottery officials say 2,862 played the 7-7-7 straight combinations and they all won.

The total payout to all winners is over $1 million - the highest single-day payout in lottery history.

James Caret, Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery says,

We are excited that our Pick-3 players found luck in 7-7-7 and want to congratulate all the winners on their big payouts. We encourage all players to keep playing and trying their luck with this exciting game.

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